Sunday, 31 July 2011

And on the first day...

As I gaze upon this hellish mess of a collection and find myself inexplicably drawn towards a conclusion very uncharacteristic of me; I need to impose some order upon the chaos. The first port of call will be to have some form of organised posting system; the system I suggest is as follows:

1)     A new post shall appear every Friday, it’s topic shall be clear and direct as to avoid too much digression
2)     I will intermittently write smaller posts about my daily life and/or smaller topics that take my fancy as time passes by
3)     ????
4)     Profit! You now have a reason and time to check back and read the nonsense my brain churns out on a daily basis

Any objections? No? Then by unanimous agreement, this will be the mode through which I post new content and am thus, forced to keep up a relatively steady work pace. Suck that procrastination and apathy.

It is at this point that I am left at a loose end, what exactly is it that I should talk about? I have a few topics written down but they will be exhausted before the month is out. It is a request that I leave to you dear reader, I need your inexhaustible creativity to give me a springboard to work from in order to mask the failings of my own.

Tell me what you want me to write about, whether it is by comments below or other means. Ciao.

Wait, you were expecting a joke? But the post was so short, barely even there in comparison to the many others. You don’t care? Well... Er... Don’t be expecting the grade A material.

Joke because it says so in the contract, not that there is any actual contract...

An inkjet cartridge walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Are you sure you don't need a refill?”

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