Friday, 18 January 2013

New year, new problems

Angst. I once thought the limitless wells of first world angst that filled my veins would be the steam that powers this ramshackle vehicle of poorly thought out ideas. Turns out,  I was wrong. Yet, it would seem that I was not content to  leave things there, because as you may have noticed, I had dragged a willing accomplice into this chaos before jumping ship myself. Now that, my dear and valued reader, is what is known as a poorly thought out idea. So, I've decided to try and write again when I can, I might not have the anger resources of a disgruntled gerbil anymore but I can damn sure dredge up enough bile to suckle you numskulls.

Lots of big changes been occurring since I last checked in, namely that I've begun life at university and that I am now the proud owner of the supervisor title at work. Lucky me. Now, either thing in isolation would be a cause for celebration, it is not every day you shimmy up the greasy pole, nor is it a regular thing to have a vague success in the realm of academia. No, my problem does not lie with the what, I'm concerned with the damnable when. Every single time, every single thing I do in life, something has to sour an otherwise sweet situation. My current schedule essentially reads the same thing every day: best wake up ridiculously early or you're fucked. I'm not talking Monday-Friday kind of fucked, I'm talking full blow, 12 hour shifts Saturday/Sunday sort of fucked. It would appear that the universe conspires against the sweet sweet partnership of me and sleep once again.

University is proving to be a fun old jaunt too, met a bunch of lovely people, some not so lovely, and some you just want to bludgeon with a rusty spoon. Besides, the course itself has been a doddle thus far, except for the fact that due to my time constraints (totally not because I'm a lazy bastard with a tendency to procrastinate), I've made no notes whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong, eh?

You'll settle for a pun and you'll like it

The smallest pun I know - Dwarf Shortage